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AMA Group’s TechRight Calibrates for the Future

AMA Group’s TechRight Calibrates for the Future.

14 May 2024

Tech Right ADAS Solutions (TechRight), part of AMA Group, has launched the first of its fully installed Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) calibration locations at the Group’s flagship AMA Collision location at Arundel, Queensland.

The Group’s initial investment of approximately $0.5 million will see the installation and roll out of ADAS equipment to a total of six facilities. The additional installations are at various stages of implementation across Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania for launch in the coming months. These centres, equipped with the latest technology and certified technicians will provide timely, high quality ADAS calibrations for AMA Group collision repair facilities within the geographic region.

The Group sees significant benefit to vehicle owners through the insourcing of these calibrations by minimising delays in the repair process, as well as revenue diversification for the Group. An estimated 10-15% of vehicles repaired following a collision require ADAS calibration. This is expected to grow to over 30% over time. The Group currently outsources more than 20,000 ADAS calibrations annually. Each installed site will have the capacity to complete 30 – 40 calibrations per week.

After an initial evaluation, TechRight expects to leverage the national scale of the AMA Group network to fast-track its roll out of specialist calibration locations, complimented by full service mobile solutions, throughout Australia.

Stuart Faid, newly appointed Executive General Manager – Specialist Businesses for AMA Group explained the rationale for the creation of this business. “In the past few years, we have seen a notable rise in the number of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) in vehicles on our roads. This is only set to increase, as almost all new vehicles sold today contain some form of on-board safety system. As such, the commercial model for us investing at scale makes greater sense.  We have tracked the growing need for ADAS solutions within our Group, and now is the right time for us to develop our own offering, to better support our customers”.

Initially, the TechRight business will focus on supporting AMA Group locations but will look to expand the offering outside the AMA Group network in the future.  “We have significant opportunity to provide convenient, timely, precision calibration services to our Group-owned locations and can fast track our growth strategy this way. Over time, our goal is to provide the wider industry access to the same service through our national network. This will mean our insurance partners can be assured of the same level of service, no matter where they send a vehicle, for repair,” Faid added.